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I tend to get too invested in fictional characters and storylines.
I post whatever tickles my fancy, so the "theme" tends to vary. This is a multifandom blog though, and contains spoilers. You've been warned!

Commonly posting:
Tolkien and Game of Thrones.
Although I may not post much about them, I also passionately adore Sherlock, Orange is the New Black, Marvel, Orphan Black, Fargo, and so on and so forth.

P.S. If you followed me solely for Tolkien, I am truly very sorry! Do feel free to unfollow me if you don't enjoy my blog anymore.
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Look to your k i n g d o m s

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Elves + Name Meanings

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Your mother’s dead. Before long I’ll be dead, and you and your brother and your sister and all of her children, all of us dead, all of us rotting underground. It’s the family name that lives on. It’s all that lives on. Not your personal glory, not your honour… but family. You understand? 

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I’m going on an adventure!

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I’ve been looking for an excuse to draw Queen Margaery forever, so yay you guys! \o/ Uhm, I hope you don’t mind I put your requests together? I wasn’t planning to, but then I had to do this twice over cos it’s a new face for me… Anyway, I hope you guys like it.

PS. Please don’t worry if it takes me a while to get to your number. I’m already thinking on it! Just RL, is all. x)

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do you ever read people’s tags and get like damn why can’t I hang out with this majestic funny motherfucker

Haldir mood board for wardenofthewood

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"why are you crying"

bc of a raccoon and a tree 

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